Replace constant doubt             with a solid foundation                      that can hold even your most imaginative plans

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Need consistent help and oversight with your business systems, strategy, and operations?

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Wish you had someone on call you can ask all your business questions too without spending a mint?

The Sidekick COO C Level Sessions are for you →

Business feeling a bit shaky? It's all on you and you need it not to be but funds are tight? 

Scale Society: Self Study will help  →

Need some quick insight into your business?

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If you’ve ever found yourself…

… setting bigger revenue goals with the plan to “do more” of what worked...

… making decisions you don’t feel confident about...

… struggling to find support that performs as advertised...

I’ve got a fix for that.

My Company Choreography framework is the backbone of everything I do. And it’s how I’ve helped countless online service provides grow their business, save time, and boost profits—no big team, tech fuss, or passion sacrifices needed.

Only to find that you’ve come up short (again!)
Because you have no data, no metrics, no assessment information, nothing quantifiable to help you in your decision making so you have to rely solely on your feelings
And are beginning to think you’ll just have to do it all yourself forever

Here’s how you can get a little bit of that dance magic in your business.


The Complete Company Choreography Package

A comprehensive Fractional COO service, meticulously designed to align your strategy, operations, and performance metrics and bring your ultimate goals to fruition. 

Over the course of our time together we’ll work through through defined phases to—Orientation, Motivation, Mechanics, and Momentum—each with tailored activities and accountability measures.

You’ll have a sustainable growth plan tailored to you and your business and clear systems in place to support you are you walk the path.


This package is for growth-oriented entrepreneurs, especially those feeling overwhelmed with running their business. If you're looking for a sustainable way to scale without compromising your vision, this is for you.

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C Level 

Unlock confident growth and long-term success for your business with our C Level Sessions. 

Tailored to your unique challenges, this immersive experience offers 1-on-1 strategic planning, pinpointed solutions for your business's weak spots, and expert team-building advice—all in 6 months. Get a steadfast partner looking out for your interests and offering personalized guidance at every step. Imagine a clear path forward, a team that supports your vision, and a strategy that transforms potential into profit.

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Imagine you're a painter. You've got your palette, your canvas, and a vision. But you're using a toothpick to create your masterpiece. It's painstaking, slow, and you're limited in scope. Scale Society is like swapping that toothpick for a full set of brushes. You still paint every stroke, but now you can create bigger, more impactful art, without losing the essence of what makes your work uniquely yours.

In simpler terms, Scale Society empowers you to grow your business while staying true to your passion. You'll learn how to scale effectively, using tools and strategies that amplify your strengths rather than dilute them. The main outcome? A thriving, expanded business that still feels like you at its core.

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"As someone who is used to doing everything myself, I learned that there are elements that set a strong foundation for growth and being intentional about them is key. I know I would have bumbled through the tools, workflows and strategies and learned from my mistakes but now I have a handbook that shifts me from worker to CEO more smoothly."

Belinda Weaver

Other ways to work with me

4D-90 Framework

The 4D-90 Framework Workshop is designed to provide participants with a clear, actionable 90-day plan to address the weakest area in their business. The main outcome is gaining a focused strategy that eliminates guesswork and unnecessary tasks, allowing you to meet your revenue goals more efficiently. The workshop aims to replace the cycle of launching new offers or adding more tasks with a targeted approach to improve your business's weakest link.

Annual Wash-up & Reset

The Yearly Wash-up and Reset is a 2-hour deep dive session designed to help you break the cycle of missed goals and stagnant growth. By participating, you'll walk away with a personalized, data-driven roadmap for making 2024 your best year yet. No more guesswork, just actionable strategies tailored to you and your business.

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For those who want a ready-made action plan
For those who want an annual plan

"Sandra is a treasure trove of knowledge! It will save you SO much time and headaches to have her by your side."



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