Uncover the hidden lessons and opportunities from the past that will make your future the best it can be!

Get off the “set goal, miss goal, try-same-thing-again” merry-go-round

The first problem with annual planning? It only takes one small hiccup to throw the whole thing off the rails.

Next thing you know your scrambling to adjust your plans, cobble together a new offer, add in another launch to your already busy calendar, and salvage what you can in order to meet your goals.

The second problem—most people’s planning consists of setting a revenue goal and then simply doing more of what they did last year to try and meet it.

And when it’s not that 👆it’s “inspired” by someone else’s plan. We see other people posting their big goals on Instagram and think, “sounds good! I’ll do that too” which winds up looking like this…

Annual planning doesn’t work.

There, I've said it.

"One of the things that really got me was when Sandra talked about your critical number. That helped me focus so much and it's also allowed me to very easily say no to things in my business. It’s been the driving force behind all my decisions!"


What you need instead is a…

A reliable, repeatable way to review your year, uncover the lessons waiting there for you, and use what you learn to make each new year your best year yet!

This is a replay of a live call


Get a backstage pass to the methodology that has propelled businesses into 7-figures. Stop the guesswork and start making data-driven decisions that align with your goals.

Turn your emotional investment in your business into actionable, profitable strategies. It's not just about feeling better; it's about performing better.

Walk away with a roadmap that's not only tailored to you but also backed by proven strategies for growth. No more one-size-fits-all nonsense.

Become the master of your own time. Learn how to allocate your hours in a way that aligns with your revenue goals and personal life.

Build a bridge to your future self. Set annual goals that not only align with your long-term vision but also optimize your bottom line.

Plus, you’ll walk away with a reusable template so you can do this practice every year; and a workbook to document your year that you can come back to over and over again as you navigate and design your year.


"Sandra can save you months of struggling and figuring things out in just a 20 minute chat. She's thoughtful, insightful, and really listens... And she know's WTF she's doing. 

Sandra covers every basis, takes every consideration, and makes fully certain to give you everything you need, practically, mentally, and emotionally. She's the best. Work with her before I try to buy up all of her time forever."


"Without Sandra’s help, there’s no way I’d have been able to grow my business so quickly, with so little stress.

Let alone take a month long sabbatical without worrying that my business would fall apart.Over and over again Sandra has proven herself to be capable and trustworthy. 

I trust her to manage not only my most important (and lucrative) promotions, but my team and entire business as well. No one has ever come close to delivering the quality and value that Sandra does. If you asked me about my not-so-secret weapon of success, there’s no question: it’s Sandra."


Oh hey, I’m Sandra!

I’ve helped clients like Chanti Zak, Tarzan Kay, Laura Belgray, and many others, scale their business from 5 and 6 figures, to 6 and 7 figures (and counting).

My tough love approach (heavy on the love) focuses on bringing order to chaos, and creating plans that are clear, easy to follow, easy to implement, and easy to see if they’re working or not. Plans tailored to the needs of your business and your way of working.

I take surveys for fun, never met a process I didn’t like, and am a big believer in personal growth as a keystone to business growth. Most of all I believe that in order to grow your business you need to understand your business, because there are no “one-size-fits-all” strategic plans.

Which means taking the time to collect and look at the data and use the information you have to inform your decisions.

That might sound a whole lot like boring work to most people but your business will feel way more fun, exciting and rewarding when you start hitting your goals consistently, and seeing your profit in your business double even though you did less launches this year. 

And there are processes that can be used in the vast majority of businesses to create incremental and lasting improvements.

"Sandra is a treasure trove of knowledge! It will save you SO much time and so many headaches to have her by your side."


A’s to all of your burning Q’s

A Wash-up and Reset session is a replay of a focused 2-hour call. During the session you'll take a deep dive into the past year of your business and unearth the lessons learned, celebrate the wins, and use these insights to set solid, overarching goals for the year ahead. It's about turning hindsight into a clear vision for the future.

This session is designed for online service providers who have hit the 6-figure mark and are ready to level up. If you're tired of the status quo, eager to break out of reactive patterns, and want to align your daily actions with your long-term vision, this is for you.

You'll receive a comprehensive review of your past year, a clear set of goals for the next year, and a personalized roadmap to achieve them. Plus, you'll get a reusable template and a workbook to document your journey and ensure you can replicate this process annually.

This is a replay of a live call so you get immediate access to it!

It's a pay-what-you-can offer. We believe in making this transformative experience accessible to all who need it. While there is no set price, we encourage you to contribute what you feel the session's value will be to you and your business.


Who is Sandra B.? 

Sandra B. is a seasoned business strategist who has helped clients like Chanti Zak, Tarzan Kay, and Laura Belgray scale from 5 to 7 figures. She's a process whiz with a knack for turning chaos into order, crafting bespoke plans that are as unique as your business.

Aside from the 2-hour session, you might want to set aside some time before the call to gather your thoughts and any data that could be useful. 

Our team is always here to assist you. Email support@sidekickcoo.com with any questions you have, and we'll be happy to help.

We're committed to providing value and clarity for your business. If you find the session hasn't met your expectations, please reach out to our support team. We'll work with you to address your concerns and ensure you're equipped for success.

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A reliable, repeatable way to review your year, uncover the lessons waiting there for you, and use what you learn to make each new year your best year yet!

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