A business is like a dance,

and yours needs some choreography.

Together we can get your business moving in perfect time, and handling those lifts as if they were nothing.

A business is like a dance, and yours needs some choreography.

"After months of gear-grinding, Sandra had given me the clarity and direction I desperately needed in under 90 minutes."

Rachel Harrison-Sund

Hi, I’m Sandra – your sidekick COO

Together we’ll unearth your Motivation, define the Mechanics, and create the Momentum that’ll turn your business into a performance worthy of a standing ovation.

This isn't an everyone-dance-the-same-dance scenario. I’m not going to show you how to cha-cha and tell you that’s the only dance that’ll win you a title. 

While I'll provide you with time-tested steps (think proven processes and methods), the routine we create will fit you and your business perfectly so that each movement is fluid, functional and will flow with ease.

"Sandra can save you months of struggling and figuring things out in just a 20 minute chat. She's the best."

Kevin Oberhausen

I’m here to be your new dance instructor

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"Without Sandra’s help, there’s no way I’d have been able to grow my business so quickly, with so little stress. Let alone take a month long sabbatical without worrying that my business would fall apart. Over and over again Sandra has proven herself to be capable and trustworthy.

I trust her to manage not only my most important (and lucrative) promotions, but my team and entire business as well. No one has ever come close to delivering the quality and value that Sandra does. If you asked me about my not-so-secret weapon of success, there’s no question: it’s Sandra."

Tarzan Kay


As your Fractional COO, we choreograph the seamless fusion of strategy and execution, translating your big visions into orchestrated action. 

We assess your unique business needs, streamline your processes, and bring in just the right operational strategies to propel you forward.

Our aim? To transform you from a multi-tasking, stretched-too-thin entrepreneur into a liberated CEO helming a business that's not just scalable but is a true extension of your soul's work.

Success for us is when we're known as the go-to maestros for operational excellence in the online space. It's when we've guided each client to a reality where they're not just meeting their goals—they're pirouetting past them, with the time and space to fully live their dreams.

We empower ambitious, soul-centered entrepreneurs to become the VISIONARY CEOs of their businesses—without the operational overwhelm.

We are a soul-centred business with a goal to impact a million people by supporting other soul-centred businesses in their mission.


Our Clients Business is Our Business.

We treat our clients business as if it were our own. We are passionate about them achieving their goals without burning out.

Self Care is World Care. 

To excel at taking care of others we must also take care of ourselves. We can't carry the load if we don't fuel the tank.

We Rise by Lifting Others. 

When we help our clients, colleagues, and peers succeed, we succeed. 

Strive to Grow Your Comfort Zone. 

We do not hide from the new and unexpected. We meet it, hand out, and get to know it as a friend. 

Answer the Unasked Question. 

Stellar customer service comes from anticipating the needs of our clients, and going above & beyond the expected.

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