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Here's a clear rundown of the answers to the most common questions I receive.

Well, that's not a question per se but that's okay—I can definitely help you figure it out. Book yourself in for a consultation here.

Will you be my OBM?

If you mean, will I help you with some strategy and project management AND do all the day-to-day work that needs to be done... no. But I might know someone so feel free to drop me a line.

If you mean will I run your company for you—including helping you hire, train, and manage team members, set goals and strategize how to reach them, and guide you in building out your business systems so your company can grow...yes. That's exactly what I do. Book a discovery call here.

The answer to this, and all, hiring questions is... it depends.
Before you go out and hire a VA, or OBM, or Integrator, or even COO (sidekick or otherwise) you ought to take the time to figure out if that's the right next role for you to fill. Need help figuring it out? I've got you.

Ooh, good question. And it's really hard to keep it to one thing. I guess it would have to be take a dang breath. Even if you feel you need (or want) to move fast and hustle, you'll go faster with less wasteful pivots if you build some pauses into your business. Times of reflection and brainstorming and strategic planning. An easy way to get started is with my 4D-90 Framework. Grab the recording of the 4-Part workshop here. 

Again, the answer is—it depends. You see, there is no "best tool", only the "best tool for you". Before you sign up for any tool figure out what features you absolutely need, then do some research, watch some demos, ask questions in power user groups. That's the best way to make sure you get a tool that will will work well for you now and as you grow. But, if that sounds like too much work—check out my list of recommended tools here.


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