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Tag List Got You Down?

Sick of the mini-panic attack you get looking at the meaningless jumble of tags in Convertkit?
Want the higher open, click, & conversion rates that come with sending the right offer to the right person at the right time?

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Here’s what you’ll get inside the Targeted Tagging System

Expert know-how...

... on the most effective way to incorporate tagging and segmentation into your email list

Naming conventions and strategies...

... we've used to help our clients get higher open, click-through, and conversion rates through the power of targeted marketing (and targeted marketing starts with tags!)

Peace of mind...

... that comes with knowing the right people are getting the right information at the right time.


“When I first started tagging I had so many tags but they were useless because there was no strategy or system behind them, and I wasn’t able to get the data I needed to make key decisions in moving my business forward. Now as I’ve changed direction to do business growth and systems strategy, I have deleted and re-tagged all my funnels with Sandra’s amazing strategy and as I work with other service providers I always send them to Sandra’s course so we can streamline their tagging process!”


You open Convertkit and feel complete overwhelm looking at the list of jumbled up & meaningless tags

You need to tag someone in your email marketing system but you don’t remember if the tag you're about to use will send out an email or not so you create a new tag, just in case.

You’re sending out promo emails to all the subscribers on your list because your tagging is either non-existent or a complete mess and you have no idea who might be the best people on your list to hear the offer.

You have no idea who’s engaging with your emails, and who’s leaving them to rot in their inbox.

Sound familiar?

What if you had...

… an intuitive, easy-to-implement tagging strategy that allows you to send targeted emails to people on your list who'll be thrilled to get ‘em?

… a convenient way to know what that "clicked link" tag means and whether it will trigger an email to go out or not.

higher open, clickthrough, reply, and conversion rates than ever before?

Ready to see your reply, open, click rates, and lifetime value of your email list explode?