Data Footprints by Generations

Where does each generation focus their attention? Despite how important this is, the answer isn’t well known. Understanding how to effectively reach your customers is vital, and should be the guiding principle behind not just where to spend your marketing dollars, but also for creating new opportunities to discover what they want, and how to be the one to  give it to them.

Here are a few of the major highlights:

If you’re primarily interested in a younger market ages 18 to 29, you’re concerned with Millenials. Surprisingly, they watch less video than other generations both on traditional television and online. While they are the heaviest online users, you’ll generally find them posting on social media than anywhere else. This is the mobile generation, mostly focused on the use of laptops and smartphones.

Generation X, ages 30 to 49, watch a bit more video but use a bit less Internet, splitting their time between traditional television and online. If you were to produce online video this is the generation most likely to appreciate it, although it’s also the generation most likely to read the eBooks you produce.

Boomers, ages 50 to 64 (or higher, depending on the model), consume more traditional television than any other generation. While they do spend time online, it will almost always be on a desktop computer. Producing text-based marketing for this generation is the least likely to get results, but a traditional marketing campaign will go far.

For more detailed statistics, click the image above to see the full infographic from Wikibon. If you’d like to know how well your business is catering to your target demographic, send us a quick email to find out more.

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