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Lander Sulser and I chat about the business you need in order to scale consistently and effortlessly.

This image features a promotional graphic for a podcast. At the top, there is a logo consisting of a stylized 'C' and ampersand (&) symbol, encircled by the text "Online Success for Creatives". Below the logo is the title "THE PODCAST" in bold, capitalized teal letters on a white background. Underneath, in a larger orange block, the text reads "FOR STEADFAST ONLINE BUSINESS GROWTH" in white capitalized letters. The overall design has a clean, modern aesthetic with a color palette of teal, orange, and white.


This image is a promotional photo for a podcast. In the background, a woman with blonde hair, smiling, is leaning on her right hand. She's wearing a blue scarf and a purple and green speckled top. In the foreground, there's text overlay in white and gold against a brushstroke of yellow. The text reads "DREAM LIFE IS REAL LIFE with HANNA HERMANSON". The design has a bright and inspiring feel, with the subject conveying a friendly and approachable demeanor.

I had the privilege to sit down with Hanna Hermanson and chat about when to hire and how to scale your business when you’re just getting started.


I had so much fun with Craig Cannings in this Podclass where we explored the ins and outs of running teams, managing teams, and teaching others how to build virtual teams.

This image is a promotional graphic for a podcast titled "THE FREELANCE PODCLASS with Craig Cannings". The graphic is split diagonally with black on the left side and a grayscale photo of a man on the right. The man, presumably Craig Cannings, is smiling and wearing glasses, a black t-shirt with the words "Freelance University" and a logo. At the bottom of the graphic is the URL "" in white text. The design is modern and professional.


Sara and I chat tactics for what it really takes to have a six-figure launch and how identify opportunities to raise your launch revenue from five-to six-figures.

This is a promotional image for "THE LAUNCH PLAYBOOK PODCAST". It features a woman with dark hair, wearing a dark top, and laughing or speaking with a joyful expression. She is centrally superimposed over a dark green background that has a variety of words related to business and marketing in a lighter green font, such as "SALES", "FUNNEL", "WEBINAR", and "GROWTH". The podcast title is prominently displayed in bold, light peach-colored letters in the center of the image. The overall impression is one of enthusiasm and expertise in the field of business marketing.


Host Andréa Jones and I chat who handles my social media and why I changed. Plus, tips for VA’s looking to offer these services.

This image features a promotional graphic for the "SAVVY SOCIAL Podcast with ANDRÉA JONES". The graphic showcases a cheerful woman with dark hair wearing glasses and a white top, holding a microphone with her right hand and seemingly laughing or speaking animatedly. The text is divided with "SAVVY SOCIAL" in large, bold maroon letters and "Podcast" in a cursive, dark grey font. "with ANDRÉA JONES" is written in smaller, uppercase letters below. The background is a soft blend of neutral tones with a circular overlay, giving a warm and approachable feel to the design.


Loved sitting down with Stephen Warley to chat about how I got started as a VA and how others can do it. Plus, how to turn amazing clients into your number 1 fan and advocate.

This image contains a motivational message primarily in white against an orange background. At the top, in bold orange letters outlined in white, it reads "Create work that works for you." Below this text, there's a white rectangle with a thin orange border. Inside this rectangle, in the same style as the first sentence, is the text "Life skills that matter." Additionally, there's a small icon to the left of the second sentence, depicting a figure climbing a mountain, which signifies growth or achievement. The image is simple and appears to be a call to action or a statement encouraging personal development and self-improvement.


Host Shannon Crow and I answer the most common questions about hiring a VA including when should you do it, how much will it cost, and where to find a great one.

This image features a circular logo with a line art design. In the center, there's an illustration that combines elements of human figures and a tree. Two mirrored figures appear to be seated back-to-back with their legs extended, arms raised overhead, and hands touching to form the shape of a tree with branches and leaves. The figures' bodies and limbs represent the trunk and branches, respectively. Encircling this central design, the text "THE CONNECTED YOGA TEACHER" follows the curve of the circle. The artwork and text are all in a monochrome brown tone, suggesting a theme of nature, connection, and the practice of yoga.


Host Christina Galbato and I talk about the difference between a VA, OBM, and Integrator, how to decide what you need to outsource, and much more.

The image is a promotional photo for "her life by design," a podcast hosted by Christina Galbato. It shows a woman with long dark hair and a bright smile, looking at the camera. She is wearing an off-the-shoulder ruffled top in a pale peach color and white pants. To her right, the podcast title "her life by design" is written in a stylish, cursive black font, with "WITH CHRISTINA GALBATO" in smaller capital letters underneath. The background is plain white, drawing focus to the woman and the text. The overall impression is one of a lifestyle or personal branding theme.


I sat down with host Jamie Van Cuyk to talk about the difference between an OBM and VA, when to hire which, and how to build a powerful relationship with your team.

This image features the cover art for the "GROWING your TEAM PODCAST with Jamie Van Cuyk". The podcast title is overlaid on a transparent white background that allows a view of a modern office space with stylish chairs in the background. The chairs are in shades of green and gray, arranged around light wooden tables. The title uses a mix of serif and sans-serif fonts in black and gold colors, with a small graphic of a tree inside a circle, symbolizing growth, placed within the word "GROWING". The overall design conveys a professional and clean aesthetic associated with business and team development.

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