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Join Sandra Booker, Mary Chhea, Tarzan Kay, and others for:

Join               Sandra Booker,               Mary Chhea,               Tarzan Kay, and others for:

Strategies for a changing world.

The Collective Growth Summit focuses on spotting and preparing for change by staying creative and agile and being a guide for others. You’ll come away with:

New strategies for growth and efficiency that you can build into your own business operations. Where growth and efficiency go, profitability and sustainability follow.

Practical and implementable ideas for dealing with changes and potential hurdles and staying agile and adaptable so you can handle any future bumps easily.

A better understanding and appreciation for the leadership skills you already have and those you can develop, and how those skills can drastically improve your business and make it more engaging. Not just for your team if you have one, but also for your audience, your fans, your peers, and your clients.

Clarity on actual steps you can take to make your business less complicated or overwhelming, create more interactivity and engagement with those who support you, and tackle a hurdle or challenge you’re facing in your business right now.

More confidence in your ability to ask yourself the right questions for self-guided problem-solving. You'll learn to uncover solutions within your own resources, so you’re not over-reliant on external advice.

This is for you if...

have been in business for at least a couple of years, 

If you’re an online service provider and you:

feel like you know how to get revenue but are a bit stuck on how to make it easier, or how to keep more of it,

are feeling both excited and terrified at all the changes that are happening right now,

are getting frustrated with the one-size-fits-all advice gurus, and want more just-for-me insights into your business, and

have a niggling feeling that at least part of the problem is you don’t know what questions you need to be asking in order to get the insights, guidance, and support you need.

*And by “free summit” I mean “free summit.”
Yes, even the recordings. 

If any of that sounds like you, you’re going to want to register for this free summit*.
If any of that sounds like you, you’re going to want to register for this free summit*.

Wondering what we'll cover and when?

Here's The Schedule

Day 1

🚀 Make Your Business Grow Smarter and Easier!

We’re talking about strategic growth and how to manage your resources like a pro. You'll learn to balance your professional achievements with your personal life, crafting a harmonious blend of success and satisfaction. The goal here is to start thinking differently about parts of your business.

Day 2

✨ How to Lead so it Creates Engagement 

We’ll explore the crucial qualities of successful leadership and learn how to think outside the box. Whether you're leading a team, managing clients, or steering your solo venture, these insights will help you to lead with confidence and creativity. The outcome, you make better decisions, have more unique ideas, and find ways to make interactions with others more enjoyable all around. 

Day 3

🌟 Get Ready for What’s Coming Next!!

We’ll chat about how to stay agile and adaptable in a changing landscape, and the hurdles and trends we’ve spotted and what we plan on doing about them. You’ll come away with inspiration on how to spot and prepare for changes in your own industry so you can pivot easier when needed and find exciting new ways to grow your business. 

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Here's who you'll be spending the time with

Sandra Booker

Fractional COO & Business Growth Strategist & Mentor

Specializing in helping overworked, overwhelmed, multi-hatted online service provides grow their business, save time, and boost profits—no big team, tech fuss, or passion sacrifices needed.

Mary Chhea

Social Media and Messaging Strategist

#FangirlForHire who helps in-person and online service providers connect with customers, collaborators and co-conspirators on social media without draining their energy. 

Tarzan Kalryzian

Copywriter & Email Marketing Strategist

Specializes in writing emails that are fun to read and more addictive than whatever you just marathon-watched on Hulu. Her programs and DIY courses teach business owners how to write highly-addictive, story-driven emails that sell without using coercive sales tactics. 

Helps entrepreneurs unblock their voice, harness their creative energy, and write sensory stories that connect with their audience.

Zafira Rajan

Copywriter & Brand Strategist

Chioma Njoku

Fractional CFO

Helps small business owners keep more of their hard-earned money in the bank without sacrificing the things that make life enjoyable, such family time, dinners with friends, and coffees.

Eman Ismail

Email Strategist & Copywriter

Helps 6+ figure online business owners and ecommerce brands fire up their conversions, evergreen their sales and turn fans into Superfans. And is the host of multi award-winning podcast Mistakes That Made Me

Stacy Coyle

Customer Journey & Buyer Experience Strategist

Helps digital business owners experiencing growth realign their customer journey and craft high-end experiences that wow their audience. And yes, that includes enchanting buyer experiences too!!

Michelle Warner

Business Designer and Strategist

Designs tiny companies that are built to last. Focuses on layering real world experience on top of classic business fundamentals to design businesses that are sustainable and scalable in the long term and resilient and adaptable in the short term. 

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